Sunday, February 22, 2009

A pogo stick memory

If you don't want to bring home a puppy, it would be best not to visit the pound.

I am weak, and nostalgic.

Browsing the ARC looking for a suitable table to mod into a sandbox for the kiddo, I happened to catch a glint of day glo green on a bike fork in their pile of huffys and magnas. In a flash it was 1991 shit, that's a Scott Unishock! I pulled the bike out and gave it the once over. A Specialized Rockhopper c. 1988 or so. Mountain LX components, almost new XT thumb shifters, and an original (non-recalled BTW) SCOTT UNISHOCK. It was seized...but hell the XT thumbies were worth the $9.00 price tag.

Now this particular suspension fork holds a certain place for me, as it was the first "shock" I had ever owned. It replaced the stock rigid aluminum fork that came with my Klein Rascal frame. Someplace I have a picture of it's arrival home from Mountain Bike Specialists being freshly built from the ground up. My first real mountain bike...anyway, that's another post.

Back on point, the Rockhopper came home with me. I aired the rear tire and rode it around. Seemed to have good bones, and everything pertinent was there. I disassembled the fork and it will live again, now to decide if I throw some juju on the whole bike and resurrect it. Not stock, as it's not that special a bike, but maybe a nice clean rework of the parts and fresh color.

Stay tuned.

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katina said...'s like the 80's threw up.